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Vu Hong Nguyen

Painter Vu Hong Nguyen Born in 1976 at Hai Duong town, Vietnam. Graduated from Hanoi Institute of Industrial Arts in 2000, specializing in the use of oils, lacquer, acrylic and mixed media. Member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. STREAKS OF TIME Burying himself in the bottom of the board, closing his eyes to see with his ears and breaking up the metaphysical barriers of time, Vu Hong Nguyen safely retains the slow rhythm of lacquer painting which, though being floating and sophisticated, still freely expands its open-ended structures of Oriental aesthetic sense and creates an interesting East - West artistic encounter and intertwining on each narrow square of the picture. Reducing his rational sharpness, Nguyen becomes more infatuated with his warm and earnest feeling but still maintains the calmness and caution of a mature artist when he improvises with variations on the wharfs of reality and voidness in this temporary mortal life. Serene pools of water are pushed towards windswept empty spaces, rags of the past let flown into the water dance that is tearing off Time is bleak window frames... Vu Hong Nguyen truly acquires a magnanimous, unitary view of lacquer painting soon followed by his innocent perfectionism when he paints in other media. Hanoi, November 15, 2005. Luong Xuan Doan The painter and the viewer do not have an appointment at a concrete place or time.Yet they will meet in some region of Time where a space is extending. One is due to find the other at the point where Time and Space merge.It is not known whether Einstein, Picasso, Kandinsky and Klee or other Zen classical painters have discovered this.I think abstract painting might be an "invention" of classical musicians, or of the wind that is blowing in prehistoric caves. As an artist,Vu Hong Nguyen has specialized early and become competent in his work ( in terms of media and genres as well). Time is conveyed through a wide range of years and figures that evoke something that spills, fuses, is torn, broken, frozen, rough or sharp-edged. As in an apparition,Time comes out lively, shining as gold and vermilion or sombre and stiff. A huge and dolorous Streak of wind like A rag of the past has just berthed the present in a coherent and tidy manner. The region of live memory too does neither belong to the calendar of last year nor to our own recollection, it exists rather now before our eyes, similar to The Water dance that is seething, joyful and coquettish. I guess that Vu Hong Nguyen would like to feel, understand and present the intercourse between Time and Space as an aestheticist artist. Ho Chi Minh City, November 17, 2005 NGUYEN QUAN

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